My 90th Music Video

"The Swan"

From "Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint-Saens

in Bob Altzar Djurdjevic's interpretation


HAIKU, Maui, Nov 13 - It happened again. During the last 24 hours, I went from inspiration, to creation, to recording of a musical piece that looks and feels like an impressionist painting. "The Swan," by the Paris-born and raised Camille Saint-Saens, was written in 1886. After a disastrous concert tour of Germany, Saint-Saens retreated to a tiny Austrian village to lick the wounds of his ego. Inspired by the idyllic scenery around him, he wrote a 14-movement musical suite known as "Carnival of the Animals."  The final one was "The Swan." It's one of the most moving pieces of music ever written.

Ironically, Saint-Saens never heard it performed publically. By his own wishes, the piece was not published until after his death in 1921. Since that time, it has become probably his most famous piece, his signature music.

"The Swan" came to me yesterday morning while I was looking for some Mozart sheet music that my friend and a fellow-musician Andrea had requested. I rarely use sheet of music, preferring to play in my own interpretation the melodies that come to my "inner ear,"  usually upon waking up in the morning. As I was shuffling papers, a piece of sheet music with Camille Saint-Saens fell out. It was "The Swan." professionally printed. So I could not have downloaded it from the internet.

"Hm..." I thought and set it aside, continuing my search for the Mozart Piano Concerto #21 that Andrea and I are considering for our next Triangle of Light broadcast.

When I returned to "The Swan" score, I remembered when and where I bought this sheet music. It was in Jan 2008 at a music score in plaza at Scottsdale Rd and Shea. During that time, my antique piano (above) was being completely restored (everything except the ivory keys and the wooden frame was being replaced). So I did not have a piano at my Scottsdale home. During those two months, I would wonder on weekends through musical stores in my home town of Scottsdale and occasionally sit down to play. That time, I also bought some sheet music so I might play it later.

Well, "later" turned out to be yesterday morning. It was the first time I sat down to play "The Swan." And I just could not stop. By the end of the evening, I was already playing it with a cello soloist and an orchestra (on my iPod). And this morning, less than 24 hours after I discovered this hidden jewel, I recorded it.

Check it out...

"The Swan" by Saint-Saens in Bob Altzar Djurdjevic's Interpretation


And now, here's also a piano rendition of the same piece which I recorded on Dec 1, 2012:

The Swan - Piano version - by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic (Dec 1) 



Photo Album on the theme of "The Swan"...


Here are some Viewer/Listener Comments:

  • Andrew Mallory You're quite the pianist!
  • Bob Altzar Djurdjevic Thanks, Andrew. Perfection was not the object here. Spontaneity, creativity and passion were. I just had to get it out immediately to preserve the authenticity of the moment. No time to practice. Hope it was worth it...
  • Diana: Beautiful, I had forgotten how moving this piece of music is.....bravo
  • Marilyn Roche: I loved the video this a.m. Very uplifting! I decided to get the real meaning. Last swan dance no smile, but the swan totem is the ability to see the future as you surrender to the great spirit. Then you are accepting the healing and transformation of your live when that surrender takes place.

    If you recall Mr. Shaman I had asked for healing and a transformation has been occurring for me to a new level or levels of awareness and knowledge. Thanks very much!!!!!!I Love your Rainbows. Also it's going between worlds after having the faith to ask, be allowed to enter by surrendering and accepting the grace of healing. So I think it was 2-fold for me and you.

    The sound of silence video was great. Also I chose not to comment on if I had watched the other one at that time. But I did watch it and passed it along to 5 others that also watched.

    I think you enjoy what you do and we are spoiled sometimes because you send us new stuff all the time. Not that we aren't appreciative but maybe we just didn't show you the gratitude that you needed or deserved. Thanks for taking the time you are the gift my friend. Love Light and Hopefully a double Rainbow. Marilyn


  • Also see the amazing synchronicity between this musical download on Nov 13, and the Ring of Fire events that took place in Europe and the Pacific the following day (Nov 14). Evidently, this musical download was an oracle. I just did not realize it until late on Nov 14, when Goddess Pele showed up as Goddess of Fire to point that our after my 2AM meditation.

Cure Worse Than Disease (, 11-14-12)

UPDATE Nov 15: Man and Nature in Sync: Ring of Fire in Europe Echoed by Ring of Fire in Pacific










Love Light

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