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11-11-12 - New revelations well up between double-double rainbows - adds Geronimo & I Video

Geronimo and I: Reunited with Alope

Mystery of my return to America, Arizona unveiled in last 24 hours, accompanied by tears, deep emotions of a lifetime spent on a warpath which ended in regret


 Between the double-double Rainbows: New revelations well up

Geronimo and I: Reunited with Alope

Mystery of my return to America, Arizona unveiled in last 24 hours, accompanied by tears, deep emotions of a lifetime spent on a warpath which ended in regret

What you are about to read is another one of those, "oh my gosh, I can't believe what's happening"-kind of stories. The revelation was as stunning to me as was the one in London on 10-22-11 when, standing in front of the Albert Hall, I discerned that I had been Albert, Queen Victoria's husband and consort, and that Elizabeth was Victoria (see (Albert & Victoria Reunited). This time, revelation occurred between the double-double rainbows at the Rainbow Shower, one in the morning and another at sunset (see Double-Double Rainbows). Since yesterday was a double #11 (Masters' number) day, I knew it was an auspicious omen. But it was not until the evening that I fully realized its significance. I had been Geronimo, the Apache warrior and medicine man about whom more stories and legends were spun than about any other Native American. So I created that image on the right to check out the physical resemblance between me and Geronimo and Liszt, one of my many confirmed past incarnations (see Gypsies, Liszt and I, July 24, 2011). The rest of the story was like weaving a tapestry with the help from my Spirit guides who provided intricate signs to follow, like a trail of crumbs to a hidden treasure. Join me. It has been a very emotional 24 hours. I have basically relived much of the trauma of Geronimo's life.

Rare Double-Double Rainbows of 11-09-12

HAIKU< Maui, Nov 11, 2012 - Today, 11-11, is Remembrance Day in much of the world. Only here in the U.S. do we call it Veteran's Day. Remember that as you read this story.

Right after taking the photos of that morning double rainbow (above), I drew my daily Spirit guidance card. It was COURAGE, depicting an image of Geronimo as Bird Spirit (right).  The card's message (from my Journal notes):

Geronimo bird spirit: He embodies the very essence of Courage. He was a rebel against the federal government for more than 25 years. It took almost 10,000 soldiers to track the 16 warriors, 12 women and 6 children he led.

In the painting Geronimo bird spirit, he is cloaked in the shelter of Mother Earth. A tree grows out of his crown, a sign of his interconnectedness to both Heaven and Earth. The Spirit bird is the medicine power born from that connection. Geronimo had to use Courage to coexist in the forgiveness of white man's ways. He died a prisoner of war, yet still a warrior of audacity. Geronimo's Spirit Bird now flies free, blessing all he see riding the blue road to Courage.

"Courage isn't a fearless state of mind. Courage is a passionate heart using Courage to take action while facing down Fear."

REVELATION: Just had a revelation that I may have been Geronimo. He has been showing up so much to m
e this year, especially through the Discernment card (left). Discernment card turned up 36 times - more than any other card this year - and especially in the last month or so. I calculated the odds of that happening to be in excess of 1 in 500 million - see Quo Vadis, Domine? Quo Vadis, Vilicus?,, Oct 30). And always around some auspicious events. I even recorded a message I got from Geronimo via the Discernment card in an Aug 22 video which was a part of the Zodiac Mystery School: Triangle of Light broadcast (right).

I spent much of the last 24 hours studying Geronimo's bio to see if it did fit with my emotions. It did. Like hand in glove. I even created an image compared the physical likeness between Liszt, Geronimo and myself, at roughly the same age (right).  Resemblance was unquestionable. It was also fitting was that by this stage of my soul development (mid- to late 19th century), I was pretty much done with my ruler lifetimes. I knew that the rest my incarnations would be about empowering others - the the arts (as Franz Liszt), through spirituality and as a rebel against the rulers (such as Geronimo, or such as Otto Armster, the German intelligence officer who was a part of the unsuccessful 1944 plot to remove Hitler from power).

In fact, by late last night, I was so certain that I had been Geronimo that I decided to save money and forego a session with Ahtun Re to confirm it. The intuition about Geronimo was just as strong as it was when I discovered I was Prince Albert, or Liszt, or Constantine - all of which happened last year. So I just jotted down a reminder for myself on my to-do list for today to write a story about it.  But I also asked the Spirit in my post-midnight meditation to confirm my Geronimo intuition through tomorrow's card or by whatever other means they found appropriate.

Well, that "tomorrow" was this morning.  Well, even before I drew my guidance card, my chest was heaving in excitement. I "knew" it would be Geronimo.  I was hoping the card to be Discernment, the card through which Geronimo showed himself to me so often this year.  Guess what card I drew? DISCERNMENT - depicting Geronimo's image. I felt goose bumps all over me.

I spent the rest of the day basically reliving that lifetime. And it was very emotional. Here are some excerpts from a book about Geronimo written in first person:

Early Life... Perhaps the greatest joy to me was that now I could marry the fair Alope, daughter of No-po-so. She was a slender, delicate girl, but we had been lovers for a long time. So, as soon as the council granted me these privileges I went to see her father concerning our marriage. Perhaps our love was of no interest to him; perhaps he wanted to keep Alope with him, for she was a dutiful daughter; at any rate he asked many ponies for her. I made no reply, but in a few days appeared before his wigwam with the herd of ponies and took with me Alope. This was all the marriage ceremony necessary in our tribe.

Not far from my mother's tepee I had made for us a new home. The tepee was made of buffalo hides and in it were many bear robes, lion hides, and other trophies of the chase, as well as my spears, bows, and arrows. Alope had made many little decorations of beads and drawn work on buckskin, which she placed in our tepee. She also drew many pictures on the walls of our home. She was a good wife, but she was never strong. We followed the traditions of our fathers and were happy. Three children came to us-- children that played, loitered, and worked as I had done.

Even before I had read this, I had already discerned that Elizabeth was Alope, my beloved young wife when I was Geronimo. We married in 1847, when I was 17.  You can see a faded photo of our young family in the right shot.  As soon as I saw her tiny body and the familiar face, I knew she was the one.  Alas, we were not to stay together for long in that lifetime.

Tears flowed almost constantly when I relived the massacre of my family.  I told Elizabeth over breakfast today that I felt that was a seminal point in Geronimo's life.  It was March 6, 1858.  Geronimo and most of the men of the Apache tribe went into town of Kas-Ki-Yeh near Casa Grande (in today's Arizona, back then a territory claimed by Mexico) to do their usual trading. They did not expect any trouble. So they left only a handful of warriors to guard the women and children and the livestock in their camp, just outside the town limits. Here's an account of what they found out when they returned:

Massacre at Kas-Ki-Yeh (near Casa Grande)... Late one afternoon, when returning from town we were met by a few women and children who told us that Mexican troops from some other town had attacked our camp, killed all the warriors of the guard, captured all our ponies, secured our arms, destroyed our supplies, and killed many of our women and children...

I found that my aged mother, my young wife, and my three small children were among the slain. There were no lights in camp, so without being noticed I silently turned away and stood by the river. How long I stood there I do not know, but when I saw the warriors arranging for a council I took my place.

Excepts from Geronimo - Kas-Ki-Yeh - The Massacre

It turns out the attackers were the Mexican cavalry (like the ones in the left shot). Some 400 Mexican soldiers from Sonora led by Colonel José María Carrasco carried out the massacre. The probable motive was greed. The MexicanBenito Juarez Presidente.jpg government was paying $100 per Apache warrior scalp at the time, $50 for scalps of women and children.  The Apaches were regarded as mere beasts of burden by the Mexican government and the Spanish colonials. And they were treated accordingly. The man you see on the right - Benito Juárez - had just taken over as a supposedly "liberal" President of Mexico (on Jan 19, 1858). But none of that mattered nor was it even known to Geronimo at the time.

When Geronimo and other Apache warriors found the bodies of his family, they saw that were scalped except for his wife.  Despite her tiny frame and a frail constitution, Alope fought the Mexican soldiers like a tigress trying to protect her young children.  So they bashed her head with rifle butts so badly that there was no scalp left to take.

Geronimo went out into the desert and spent a long time grieving in solitude. When he returned, he said he had heard a (Divine) voice while in a semi-trans state saying, "no gun can ever kill you, and I will guide your arrows."  Indeed, he lived to be 80 at a time when average life expectancy even in Britain, for example, was only 42 years. And Geronimo was a fierce warrior who put his life on the line almost every day. No wonder there was an aura of invincibility about him.

When Geronimo and his tribe returned to their village after the massacre, he burned all of his family possessions as well as those of his mother. Such was the Apache tradition. One did not pass on any material possessions to the next of kin.  And then he spent the next 30 years fighting the Mexicans and the federal government troops with ferocious intensity not seen before or since.  Indeed, no bullet would kill him, even when he charged heavily armed enemy troops armed with just a knife. It was out of those kinds of battles that the legend and the lore of Geronimo was born.

Geronimo was also a medicine man (shaman) with powers to change the weather to protect his people, and perform a number of other miracles. Those kinds of powers only added to his lore.

Geronimo eventually surrendered the the feds in 1886. He died on Feb 17, 1909 in Fort Sill, Oklahoma as prisoner of war. The night before (Feb 16), he had fallen off the course. Unable to move, he spent the night in freezing cold. He died of pneumonia.  He was buried at Fort Sill (above right).

On his deathbed, Geronimo lamented to his nephew his decision to surrender to Washington. "I should have never surrendered," he said. "I should have fought until I was the last man alive."

Instead, he is remembered as the "Last Free Apache."  And Geronimo reminded me of something I vowed to myself when I was 33. Which was "to live the rest of my life out without fear and without regrets."

And now I know why.  Thank you, Geronimo.

(There are countless biographies and stories written about Geronimo, as well as the movies.  Here are but three sources for those of you who do not care to sped much time on this kind of research - Geronimo - Wikipedia,   Geronimo Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story, Geronimo - Salem Press).

Additional Spirit signs

As usual, one revelation leads to others.

  • I now know, for example, why I was drawn to move to Arizona the moment I first set foot in that state back in 1981. It was Geronimo returning home.

  • And why I always felt and behaved like a "desert rat," the was I often described myself. It was Geronimo feeling at home in the desert.

  • I would always go out in the heat of the day, despite my blonde hair and a fair complexion, to do mountain climbing, target practice shooting, hiking, play basketball, cut the lawn , jog, ride a bicycle, play tennis and carry out a slew of other outdoor activities in temperatures of 110F or higher that would knock most people right out.

In June 1994, for example, I managed to stay in a tennis game for several sets and eventually outlast an 18-year old Swede.  I found out afterward that he was on their national Davis Cup team. And was off to Michigan on a tennis scholarship.  But it wasn't me that did him in. It was the Arizona desert heat. Only desert rats like Geronimo can thrive in it.

  • And even this June, at the age of 67, I climbed two mountains in 111F temperatures and did two healing ceremonies the same day (see Camelback; Soaring with the Wind, June 17; McDowell Mtn: Magic in 111F+ Heat, June 17). There was just no rational way to explain something like that. Till now. Now I know that that was Geronimo doing what he has done many times before. Well, maybe not basketball and tennis. :-)

  • Also, for years now, whenever Elizabeth wanted to say something like, "let's go!" or "charge!" to use the army jargon, she would say "Geronimo!" I could almost see her holding a spear and pointing in the direction in which we are to charge. Well, now I know where that expression came from. It was obviously coined during the many fruitless efforts by the U.S. army to capture or kill Geronimo.

  • And then something else came to my awareness today. In the nearly 30 years that I spent in Arizona, my adopted home state which I still dearly love, never once (!) did I go to Mexico.  Most of my friends did.  After all, Mexico was the nearest neighboring state, only about a two-hours' drive from Phoenix. But neither I nor any members of my family ever did. And now I also understand why not. Remember who murdered my family. Interesting, isn't how the soul and the heart "remember" things our brain does not?

  • Also, remember that part of the Geronimo story when he returns from grieving for his family, and hears the voice of the Divine telling him that no enemy bullet can kill him? Well, it reminded me of something that happened to me in this lifetime.

When I was a war correspondent in Bosnia during the 1990s, almost every time I would return home to the U.S. from one of my "field trips," I would also go to Stanford University to visit with an old friend, the late Prof. Milorad Drachkovitch (click on image below). As a young man, he fought against the Germans and the communists in WW II with the "chetniks," the rebels loyal to the Yugoslav king in exile. And Milorad loved war stories, especially those told firsthand. So he would take me to the Stanford Faculty cafeteria for a long lunch and "to talk story," as my Hawaiian friends around here say.

Afterward, I would let him be the only one besides my family to read my war diaries unredacted. Which he also loved doing. And then I let him file them in the Hoover Institution Archives of which he was the chief archivist. The most sensitive parts were placed under a time embargo (until the war was over).  I only published the results of my wartime research in the form of geopolitical columns or OpEd pieces, not my actual journals.  I did not want my confidential conversations with the chief protagonists of the war to influence its outcome.  Eventually, the embargo expired, the war ended, and the prosecutors of the Hague War Crimes Tribunal contacted me to see if I would testify at President Radovan Karadzic's trial. "Why are you still alive?" - was their first question to me.

So what does this have to do with Geronimo? Well, after a few years and all those luncheons at the Stanford Faculty cafeteria, my friend would laugh and slap me on my wrist contentedly and exclaim, "there is no bullet that can kill our Bob, is there?" Back then, I would just smile and wonder what he was talking about. But now I know. He saw Geronimo without either his or my brain registering it.

  • Finally, every since I have been on my accelerated spiritual journey, I kept seeing this broad face with a curved nose. At first, I thought it was Al Khadir, the initial Spirit guide to identify himself to me. But since about a year ago, I realized that I was actually looking into my own eyes.  It was the face of my Higher Self. And now I also know one of his many names - Geronimo.

Lessons to be learned from Geronimo lifetime

This afternoon, I went down to the AHA (Anahata-Huaca-Ahu), the sacred place at the Rainbow Shower (right), to thank the Spirits for this revelation. I also meditated on the reason my Spirit guide chose to show this  Geronimo lifetime to me now.  And to do it through Discernment and Courage mystic medicine cards. And then the penny dropped.

The lesson I am to learn from this lifetime is that revenge does not bring peace and harmony. Only Compassion and Forgiveness does. And Love.

Which is why the Spirit guided me on 8-22-12 to speak of Geronimo and share his message about Discernment at the Portal of Infinite Love (left). That is where the Infinite Power lies. Even the most powerful of emperors (Constantine) and the most ferocious of warriors (Geronimo) never found peace and harmony in their dying moments. Because only SURRENDERING one's power to the Divine brings peace and harmony into one's world.

Wow. Here come the tears of enlightenment and gratitude again. And then I realized why:  Today is Remembrance Day in much of the world. Only here in the U.S. do we call it Veteran's Day. Today, we remember and honor ALL victims of wars anywhere.

Today, we might also recall that "those who do not learn from history, are DOOMED to repeat it." Only stupid or malevolent people keep doing the same things over and and over again hoping for a different outcome. We must remember that whenever we hear someone calling for another war.

We don't need any more dead or rueful heroes like Geronimo. We need more soldiers of peace and harmony. Maybe that's something we should meditate on on this Remembrance Day.

And we should remember one more lesson from the Geronimo story. It was brought about by the first reaction to this piece I just received from a reader in Australia. In my reply to her, I described the process of discovery that had just taken place:

"In fact, it was my heart, not my brain, that served as my guide. So I cannot tell you that I have vivid left brain-type memories. It's just that reading and watching the pictures about Geronimo brought out all sorts of emotions. Perhaps the strongest one is a blessing that I am back together again with Alope aka Elizabeth.

So nothing is lost forever.  Maybe that's another lessons I should add to the story. Thanks for inspiring it."


From Tammy in Arizona:

Good morning Bob (Geronimo, Liszt, Constantine) lol,

Thank you for sharing this story - it is amazing!  I can only hope that one day I will put together more of my past as you are doing.  I know I have shared lifetimes with my sister Jan, our mother and my children; it is such a release to be able to see where some emotions/frustrations can stem from and helps us process that.  

Have a blessed Sunday!
Love, Tam

To which I replied (slightly edited for spelling and style):

Hi, Tammy. Thank you for sharing your reaction with me.  Don't worry, when the time is right, the Spirit will lead you to those stories. When I was your age, I was completely clueless about my past lifetimes, or even the fact that the one soul keeps incarnating over and over again.

I know that when people see my "lifetime credits", my "soul filmography," if you like, many start with "wow." But all these credits mean is that the Spirit has given me some "big" roles in the past. But they are not me, Altzar. An actor is not the characters he plays.

So yes, I have been Theseus, Constantine, Pope Julius II, Liszt, Geronimo and many other well known historical figures. But I am none of them now. And I am all of them at the same time. They were just learning experiences in the development of my soul and in the course of ascension of this planet and humanity.  

You engage and then detach. Engage and detach. Engage and detach... lifetime after lifetime. That's a soul's journey.

When a particular role is over, you shed the costume like a snake sheds its skin and you move on to your next role. That may be on planet Earth or somewhere else in the universe. Or maybe not at all in the 3D world. And if you are an advanced soul, you also start to guide other souls - the younger actors in the heavenly Julliard school. You use the experiences you have had on world stage to help them get ready for their big roles.  

Eventually, that's all you do. You stop performing on stage yourself. You pass on what you've learned to others with Love and Compassion as an instructor in a Divine Mystery School.

I think that's how the Universe creates and progresses. We are all in varying stages of soul development, and thus on different parts of the Path to Ascension.

PS: If you really want to learn about your past incarnations, I'll share with you a little "secret" I discovered. Look at all the places you have been to. I have found out that the Spirit has taken me in this lifetime to most, if not all, geographic locations where I had once lived in a former lifetime. That's at least one of the clues I used to discern my past incarnations.

There are many others, of course. That's why it is called intuition. It comes from within. But if something triggers your memory, a visit to a particular place, for example, or something someone said to you, then the story begins to reveal itself. But it comes from the heart not the brain. So you can't force it.  Hope that helps.


Here's now a video I spliced together on the "Geronimo and I" theme. It consists of clips about Geronimo's life from various sources as well as my own photo images. For those who are seriously interested in the historical facts, I recommend this 41-minute video from the Bio web site.

And now, here's my 9-minute effort in which I tried to capture the emotions of that seminal event in Geronimo's life - the massacre of his family:

Geronimo and I: Reunited with Alope (11-11-12)


Here's another version of the same video, with a slightly different ending...




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