Altzar: Connecting heaven and earth in service of man

By Bob Altzar Djurdjevic

04 Feb 2012

An essay on how we can help Mother Earth heal herself, Updated Feb 4, 2012: Hummingbird Cloud, Another Shooting Star, Complete Story of Creation Written in Night Sky

Let's Get Down to Earth to Connect with Heaven

Treating Mother Earth as living organism: Volcanoes as Gaia's way of giving birth; Understanding PERSONAL ley lines - key to connecting Heaven and Earth


An essay on how to help Mother Earth heal herself

Let's Get Down to Earth to Connect with Heaven

Treating Mother Earth as living organism: Volcanoes as Gaia's way of giving birth; Understanding PERSONAL ley lines - key to connecting Heaven and Earth



Okay, so I admit it. I am an ET. I have been incarnating all over the universe, not just on Planet Earth. Shocked?  Well, so was I when I first learned it three years ago from two multi-dimensional beings.  I had a hard time REALLY believing it.  But the events that took place in the last couple of years, and especially in the last six months, have established beyond a shadow of a doubt that that's who I am: An ET. An honest to goodness "Celestial Traveler," some of my spiritual guides have put it.  My astral name is Altzar. You've known that for some time now.  And I am not alone. There are many other ET's incarnated on Earth at this time. We have all come to help humanity and Planet Earth at this critical time of our evolution.

The reason I feel it was important for me to identify at the outset my ET spiritual DNA is because earthly beings need to realize that they are not alone. Nor is the Earth the only place where life exists. Here's what the three Light Beings said to us about that in a Jan 9 group channeling session through Earl Backman:

"It is important for the earth beings to understand that they are not the only inhabitants on the planet. It is important to note that even those earth-based beings who have been here for millennia came from somewhere else. It is important to understand that Earth is not the only place in the universe that sustains life. We consider it an extreme of hubris for earth beings to think that life only exists on planet Earth."

If you have a problem wrapping your mind around this concept, perhaps you need to do some research first and study how the earthly and spiritual realms are connected to each other and with the universe. But if you're okay with my "coming out of the closet" ET revelation, I can assure you will find this essay a fascinating read.

For those of you who don't know me. I am an Inca-trained and thrice ordained shaman, widely published writer, musician, video-filmmaker, and a business consultant for major multinational computer companies. I also have an engineering degree. In other words, I can use both my left and right brains equally. BOTH were needed to write this story. But the credit for this essay does not belong to me.  It belongs to my guides and teachers from the spiritual realm. They include three Light Beings from another galaxy who have come to assist mankind at this critical time of transition from one era to another. Thank you, LBs!

[Light Beings do not have physical bodies. But humans like to ascribe physical characteristics to everything. So here is how you can envisage them, if you wish (right photo), as the three cute stuffed toy figures which Elizabeth had made last year. They bring us keys to love and wisdom that we already have deep inside our souls. There is a hidden message in the way they look and are arranged on our writing desk. Get it?].

HAIKU, Maui, Jan 25, 2012 - My new year 2012 started on Dec 26 (see Chatting with Light Beings about Future of Our Planet, User ID/Password required). It was the day after Christmas I had a privilege of participating in fascinating group channeling session through Earl Backman with the three Light Beings (LBs).  They spoke of "2012" and what it will mean to us. What they said opened up a eruption of intuitions and revelations that have already led to the following stories in the first few weeks of the year.  I suggest you peruse them first in order to fully comprehend what's to follow in this essay:

 * * *

"Let's get down to earth in order to connect with the heaven," the title of this essay, may appear paradoxical at a first glance.  But only at a first glance.  For a deeper insight into how the universe works will reveal that everything and everybody is energetically interconnected. We, human beings, are connected to our planet, our planet to the solar system, our solar system to the Milky Way galaxy, our galaxy to other such star constellations, and so on, and so forth.  So in order to reach the Godhead, of which we are a spark, we must first start with our Heart, then go down Earth through the Root chakra, and upward to the universe through the Crown chakra.

So think of a human being as an connecting rod.  We are Mother Earth's acupuncture needles.  Divine energy flows through us to the Earth, and from the Earth to the Spiritual realm.  If placed in the right spots, therefore, we - the acupuncture needles - can help heal our planet by agitating the ley lines and enabling the flow of energy through blocked passages.  It's kind of like clearing the blocked arteries to allow normal blood circulation and prevent heart attacks. 

So understanding how ley lines work is key in helping heal Mother Earth.  That's one of the key messages I took away from that Dec 26 channeling session with the LBs.  That's what triggered an avalanche of intuitions and led to a ton of research in the last month since then.

Crop Circle Dream

It started with a dream that very night (Dec 26-27) about a big crop circle that up at our property here in Maui.  Here are my Journal notes about it:


I had a vision of a big crop circle right here on the hill below the house and above the Lower Rainbow Shower where the cane grass is. In fact, the cane grass was used in lieu of wheat to make the crop circle.  The circle was a large circle with the four-leaf shamrock in the middle.  Its stem originated from the direction of our house, the leaves pointed down toward the lower lawn and the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu (AHA).
The moment I saw the crop circle, my heart was filled with joy and excitement.  I also had a sense that the crop circle was an image or a design that I had actually created in my own mind earlier.  Which is why I was so excited to see it realized in the three-dimensional physical world, and so close to my sacred shaman's altar (AHA).

INTERPRETATION:  This could be because I am reading the wonderful book "Sophia's Egg" by Bert Janssen, which is about crop circles. And I have been actually to Wiltshire, England in 2008 to see them myself. The shamrock indicates my connection to Ireland and my lifetime(s) there as a Celt.  In one of them, I actually helped St. Patrick escape from slavery there.  
The location (right next to AHA) may have to do with my planetary mission here to build a celestial network which I completed in 2010. During the channeling with Light Beings (LB) with Earl yesterday, they mentioned the importance of the ley lines in the context of 2012 and our figuring out where we are supposed to be geographically, relative to the ley lines. In the Inca shamanic terminology we call the "ceke" lines - invisible energetic lines that connect the mountain and the earth spirits.
My mind immediately connected this LB comment to  my crop circles experiences with the building of the celestial network here at the Rainbow Shower. Its purpose is to facilitate the connection between the Andean mountain spirits and the Hawaiian volcano spirits.  The former are alive and active (spiritually).  The latter are spiritually dormant.  My mission here is to awaken them, I was told in early 2009, when I was guided to Maui here from Arizona.
Maybe I should add this to the list of topics I should explore with the Light Beings.

Later that day, I had additional intuitions about this crop circle.  It also resembled my "European Pilgrimage Ring" (right) which I purchased in Constantinople at the end of our 3,700-mile journey.  I added the green color to it to highlight the shamrock within it. So I ran down to the gulch where the crop circle appeared the night before, I took these pictures:

I also knew from past research and my personal experiences with the Crop Circles in 2008, which Bert Janssen, the book's author had led, that many of these extraordinary phenomena occur right along the well known Michael and Mary ley line, which runs sort of diagonally across southern England from northeast to southwest (see the maps below).

You can see the Michael and Mary ley line shown in blue on a bigger scale colored map, as well as some other important ley lines (left).  I do not want to digress from my main story right not, but if you haven't researched this phenomenon, I suggest you try to learn A LOT MORE about all the ancient structures that have been built by prehistoric societies along this line.  They include Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury etc. 

The shot on the far right of yours truly was taken at Stonehenge in 2008.  The two left shots of a crop circle were also taken on the research trip through Wiltshire and other parts of southwestern England.

Maybe the Spirit was telling me with that crop circle dream that an important ley line may be passing through the Rainbow Shower? (the name of our property here on Maui).  Maybe my dream crop circle popped up on Dec 27 to spark my awareness about such a possibility?

I had to wait about two more weeks before another light went off. It happened the night of Jan 11. As a shaman, I am used to receiving guidance from the Spirit in various forms, including through the clouds.  Well, that night, around 1AM something extraordinary happened.  Here are my Jan 12 Journal notes about it:

During the mediation, I had asked for guidance about the ley lines.  Then, while I was walking on the lanai, I looked up and saw what appeared like a map of Great Britain with lay lines streaming through it. I sketched it out when I came back in and this morning produced the attached map. It appeared as if two major ley lines intersected roughly in the Wiltshire area where Stonehenge is.

The cloud was moving from south to north, which is unusual for us. Our trade winds are usually NE-to-SW.

Later in the morning, I also had a revelation about the Royal Palms on our property which had been my guides also being perhaps on a ley line. I spent the morning traversing the property and taking pictures.

Rainbow Shower Ley Line?

The latter revelation about the Royal Palms possibly being on a ley line resulted in a half-day research up and down the hills and the gulch of the Rainbow Shower.  I should point out that when this was still impassable jungle, and I had to crawl on all four clearing my way with a machete, I had used the Royal Palms as my guides as to where to build the trail. Which we eventually did in 2009. So I had already used the Royal Palms as my guideposts subconsciously at a time I had no awareness of any of the topics I am now writing about.  And here's what I found out...

I sketched out in pink on above panoramic shots the approximate ley line one gets if one were to connect the Royal Palms.  You can also see the same line on Google Earth map below...

Next to the map are also some ground level views.  It is worthy of note that these Royal Palms are NOT man-planted.  They were buried in the depths of the jungle when I first discovered them.  Each is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Had they been man-planted, chances are, they would have been also harvested and taken to some fancy tourist resort.  Such as those we saw at Hapuna Bay on the Big Island. Another interesting point is that they ONLY GROW ON OUR PROPERTY.  None of our neighbors have them.  In one case, the Palm #2 is within 15 feet of the boundary, but on our side of the property.

You can also see above the Rainbow Shower ley line shape as seen from different angles and perspectives around the property.  What's also  interesting about is that it passes right THROUGH OUR HOUSE and through the Rainbow Shower tree in front of it after which the property got its name.  That tree was one of my guideposts when trying to feel the energies of the place when we moved here three years ago. 

Permanent Spiritual Parents?

On Christmas Day 2011, I had intuition/revelation about a concept of spiritual parenting, or spiritual DNA, if you wish.  It came to me after a dream in which Jeshua (Jesus of Nazareth) also figured.  The revelation was that while me may be of a certain dominant ray, the 3rd in my case, we also can have some energies of another ray, the 1st in my case.  Just like a human being, the result of a union of masculine and feminine energies, has elements of both, maybe so do our souls.  Maybe we also have PERMANENT SPIRITUAL PARENTS, who give us our spiritual DNA, if you like, in addition to the various physical parents during different incarnations.

This intuition may have originated from the Dec 16 channeling session I had with Ahtun Re, an ancient Egyptian spirit who ascended 3,500 years ago.  Among many confirmations about my past incarnations on this planet, Ahtun Re confirmed that Paul the Venetian, the Chohan of the 3rd ray souls, of which I am one, was also my mother in my lifetime in Egypt 2,000 years ago, when I knew and worked with Jesus of Nazareth.


Some souls will take on certain parallel or historical roles in order for other souls to fulfill their karmic destinies. To the soul, all lifetimes are running concurrently. Linear time doesnít matter.
My father in this and other lifetimes has been the Alexander the Great soul. Which is also the soul of Achilles and Master El Morya, the Chohan of 1st ray souls.  Considering that I fought Achilles in Troy, no wonder my father and I clashed so often in my youth & young adulthood. (Elizabeth is a 1st ray soul, though, so we are at peace now).Master El Morya* If the Chohan of the 1st ray souls is my cosmic father (El Morya), and the Chohan of the 3rd ray souls is my cosmic mother (Paul the Venetian), then my soul must have energies of both rays, though the 3rd appears dominant. The 1st ray is reflected in my ruler/warrior lifetimes, the 3rd ray in my spiritual/artistic ones.     Master Paul the VenetianĒ
*NOTE: These El Morya and Paul V. revelations came to me on Christmas Day 2011, after a dream in which Jeshua also figured.

What's also interesting about that is that Paul the Venetian is a spitting image of my father.  That's actually how this intuition started.  And El Morya also looks like my father as well in the above painting.  So both of my cosmic/spiritual parents resemble each other.  I do now for sure from other spiritual realm sources that my energy mix is 50/50 male/female.  So that would make perfect sense.

Ahtun Re also confirmed that my father in this and in some other past lives is of the same soul as El Morya, the Chohan of the 1st ray souls. That is also the soul of Achilles and Alexander the Great, among some El Morya's earthly incarnations.  Ahtun Re also told me that I had fought Achilles in Troy. I was wounded but survived, and was able to discern Achilles' weakness (heel).  Which was the purpose of my mission.  This may help explain my difficult relationship with my father until I reached adulthood.  And I feel I had also had 1st ray energies in my earlier "ruler-warrior" lifetimes. 

In a privately channeled session through Earl Backman on Jan 3, the Light Beings also confirmed that I have "an extraordinary balance," as they put it in many respects, including that between masculine and feminine energies.

Masculine-Feminine Balance

And how does that related to our job of Stewards of the Earth?  Well, to do it well, we must be embody both, the male and female aspects.  Every Inca shaman is taught early on about the yanantin-manantin principle of duality which encompasses everything that happens on this planet and in the universe. The Apus, for example, the mountain spirits, are masculine entities. The Santa Tierras, on the other hand, the earth spirits, are feminine. They have distinctly different voices.  When we, Inca-trained shamans, receive teachings them in Peru, the Apus fly into the room through the walls. The Santa Tierras emerge from the ground.  Both have wings.  Both are EXTREMELY LOVING spirits. They will do just about anything to help us in our healing work, whether with individuals or with Pachamama and her elements.

One interesting fact we learned from them...  in one such a session in Peru, a Santa Tierra spirit told us that they are older than the Apus.  At first, I was startled. But upon reflection, I realized it made perfect sense.

The Earth which gave birth to the mountains.  Mountains is what's left after the lava or magma cools down.  The Mother of the mountains and oceans is also our Mother.  And she talks to us through Santa Tierras in the spirit world, and through volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, and various other "natural" phenomena in the physical world.

So to be a healer of Mother Earth, one must understand and embody both her masculine and feminine energies. Because she embodies both.  And the way a woman delivers a baby through pain and suffering is not unlike the way Mother Earth births islands, mountains, continents. It was this realization that led to the creation of the video which I posted on Youtube last week as a preamble to this story:

Volcanoes: Mother Earth's Way of Giving Birth to New Life (Jan 19)


Perhaps the greatest and the most intriguing revelation which has emerged so far as a result of the channeling information I received from the Light Beings was actually triggered by a couple of humans. Linda and Earl Backman, both very advanced souls and teachers in this lifetime, are two of my friends who spent their holiday season in Paris.  As we bantered about various subjects by email, one thing that Linda said stuck in my mind like feather to a glue stick.  In response to my crop circle dream of Dec 27, she said the LBs had told her and Earl that as souls we choose particular ley lines upon which to focus our energy and service to humanity.  In their case, that was in France.

Wonder what would happen if I plotted my various lifetimes on a map? My mind went immediately to that image I created last summer when I received the inspiration to clear the European chakras of the warrior energies.  I saw Europe as a human body.  Here's an image that those of you who have followed our October journey through Europe have had a chance to see over and over again (right). Notice that I made one important alteration on Jan 11.  I shifted its spine to pass through Delphi, a known geomantic spot where I had a parallel lifetime with that of Constantine, and the most amazing experience of all seven chakra clearings on Oct 9 (see European Pilgrimage 2011).  This was a correction to my original spine that Ahtun Re actually made, perhaps unwittingly, when he suggested on Sep 16 that I visit Delphi. You can see the actual map of our pilgrimage on the left map.

If you now look up and down that line, you will see that it also hits Pula (the heart chakra, 3rd ray souls ceremony), and Trier (the throat chakra, 1st ray souls ceremony).  The map on the right illustrates it even more clearly.  And as you know by now, those are the two rays that have been present in my soul. 

But that was only a start. My mind and heart started racing from there. Wonder how this aligns with the Becker-Hagens Earth grid? For those of you who may not be familiar with it, here is a rough sketch on this colored map (below left)...


...along with more detailed maps next to it. I then plotted my various lifetimes on the map of Europe (right, the blue asterisks) to see if there was a pattern.  Sure enough, there was.  Not only were some of them perfectly aligned with what I have since learned is the Apollo-Athena ley line, running southeast to northwest, toward the Becker-Hagens spot #11 (the pink line), but there was also an intersecting green line running generally southwest to northeast.  Since the Light Beings have told me that, as an ET, I can pretty well function anywhere on Earth (which I can attest to from personal experiences), it turns out in my case, there were SEVERAL personal ley lines. I next intuited that the place where they intersect, which is north of Bolzano in the Alps, near the Italian-Austrian border, is my optimal HEALING SPOT for the European continent. Because the energy flows from there run NW-SE as well as SW-NE.  So that's the heart of the European continent, energetically speaking. That's where I need to go to send healing energy impulses across Gaia's grid in Europe.

My heart was beating wildly when I grasped the full gravity of this revelation.  Is it true?  There are hardly any earthquakes in that part of Europe.  Most of the seismic activity takes place on the periphery of the continent.  So I asked Earl to check with the Light Beings. They confirmed that my intuition was correct... that that was indeed the right spot. 

Reason for Past Life Revelations. Now I also understand why the Spirit chose to reveal so many past lives to me.  Most people are not aware of any.  Yet in the last year, I have become privy to a whole plethora of them.  As one of my guides said, if he were to write a book about them, it would a tome about 4-5 inches thick. And it would read like a "history of mankind" - from Lemuria, to Atlantis and through all four "contemporary" human eras (for details of some of the past incarnations, see Ahtun Re Channeling, User ID/Password required). 

The reason was not so one would get enamored of, or attached to, some of these lifetimes.  Just the opposite... learn from them and then detach.  Like an actor after an important role.  I had heard that much from my guides before.  But now, another higher purpose is emerging.  They seem to be another form of communication with the Spirit realm.  My guides are using them as guideposts to teach me what I need to know in order to carry out the task of a Steward of the Earth.  Without such awareness, I could not have been able to plot my personal ley lines, for example, and then figure out where exactly I need to do the Mother Earth healing for all of Europe. 

So thank you, God and my guides and teachers.  I got it now.

This was confirmed today, Jan 25, when I discovered during my now routine daily scanning of seismic events around the world that northern Italy had two quakes in the last 24 hours (see above maps).  I also marked on the right map the exact area where the European healing needs to take place.

Whew! I felt one set of weights fall off my shoulders and another climb back up.  So now that I know generally where I need to go, how will I find out the exact spot?  Will I know what to do?  Then I remembered the Despacho ceremony I did at Mount Djurdjevic in Montenegro in May 2008, before I ever officially became a shaman.  It was the same situation. Yet I knew exactly where to go and what to do once I got there (see Montenegro: Answering a Mountain Call). So I know I'll be okay in the Alps, too. Another whew! [see Amazing Real-time "Live" Spirit Guidance].

Working with Leylines Globally

Since that time, I have been immersed in research into the Becker-Hagens grid, the relationship between the solar and seismic events, and many other scientific measurements of the Earth's energy flows and vibrations.  I have also expanded my own personal ley lines from Europe to other places around the world where I have lived.

I even intuited that I should plot the Becker-Hagens grid dynamically on Google Earth, and see how it aligns with my personal ley lines.  Luckily, I did some research first and found that it had been already done.  Which made my job a lot easier.  What your seeing above are only a few snapshots from my research.  Being dynamic in nature, Google Earth makes it possible to run "what if" scenarios practically ad infinitum.

Key Conclusion: "There Is a Need to Go Backward"

All the while, I had to keep reminding myself not to rely too much on my left brain.  Which is what most of this scientific stuff is.  When I asked the Light Beings on Jan 9 about the ley lines grid in a group channeling session through Earl Backman, a part of their reply kept ringing in my head.  You must go back to the past to find the answer you are seeking, I remembered them saying (paraphrasing).

They also displayed a marvelous sense of humor.  Here are some excerpts from their reply to me (the bold emphasis is mine):

  • The information that you are requesting, having to do with sort of planetary mapping of the earth grid and the energy flows, is probably not yet available on Wikipedia.  :-)
  • Many of you in previous incarnations were a part of early mystical societies. You understood and accepted the relationship between the spiritual realm, the sky and the stars and the planet, all the celestial bodies, and planet Earth - as a giver of life.
  • There is a need in some respects to go backwards, Bob. In earlier times, the healers, the shamans, understood how the energy flowed from the spiritual realm, you might say the Upper World, to the Middle World, to the Lower World. And how those shamans, those healers, might have put all that together,

"There is a need to go backwards." Those words were screaming at me as I studied the Becker-Hagens grid on the map and realized that time after time its lines kept missing the known energy vortexes from the past and even in current times. So I had this great urge to shut down my left brain but kept resisting it until I reached a point of reasonable understanding behind these author's theories.

Two days ago, it hit me.  Their grid seems just too perfect. Sort of like a French garden.  That's not how God creates. That's not how Pachamama creates. That's how MAN creates... in perfect geometric shapes. 

Take a look around.  Do you see see Tetrahedrons, Octahedrons, Icosahedron, Dodecahedrons or Cubes in the mountains, fields, forests, oceans, lakes, rivers, the shapes of clouds, plants, animals, stones.  I don't.  Maybe at some molecular or atomic levels they exist.  But not in nature.  Man tries to reduce creation to some forms comprehensible by him/her in a MISGUIDED effort to "understand" it.

There is nothing to UNDERSTAND when it comes to ley line. We must FEEL them.  When we do our healings, we do it with our HEARTS, not our minds. If I had a switch, I would turned my completely off when I do ceremonies.  It just gets in the way.  Here's the way the Light Beings put it to us on Jan 9:

  • It is not a matter of energy into the earth grid. What is important is understanding the flow of the energy, and how it affects the planetary evolution, including the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and mineral kingdom.  
  • By understanding that there are these underlying very intense energetic ley lines, where energy flows in a very specific direction at times, and it affects the whole planet.
  • If you understand this, then you can support the process.  It is not necessarily about putting intention there, it is about offering an explanation to others that earth beings exist in a very complicated system.  They donít just exist in a very closed environment where they dictate what happens on Earth, and the Earth becomes a playground.
  • When that happens, and it is happening, then those of you who are Stewards of the Earth need to just send healing energy to the Earth, and allow the Mother Earth to do what she can do to heal herself.

But the left brain is also important as long as we use it only as a computer... to analyze and provide data for the heart and soul to process, not to make decisions. So I still do my daily scans of seismic, solar and other cosmic events.  And ever since we formed the group of Stewards of the Earth on Jan 22, the day a Hawaiian earthquake signaled to me it was time to take such action, I share such "raw" observations with my fellow-Stewards.  I am hoping that perhaps such information might awaken some long-forgotten memories in their spiritual DNA bank.

We even have a rudimentary web site now, still under construction, where I post such findings as they occur (see ). You can go there to check out the daily events, such as these...

If you care about Mother Earth and feel you have something to contribute to her healing, write to us and let us know what it is.  Pachamama can certainly use a lot more shamans and healers than are currently active.  And we are all in this boat together. If it goes down, we will all be responsible.  I will

So let's get own to Earth to connect with Heaven. Let keep our ears on the ground and listen to the vibrations of Pachamama through our feet, through our hearts, through our intuition.

And now, I will let the Light Beings have the last word:

  • Earth is a mere microscopic dot in the total universe.  The universe is dotted with extinct planets.  Because they all thought they were unique and only they existed. And they did not take care of the environment or interact well with other inhabitants.
  • Humanity on Earth would do well to understand that Mother Earth has finite capabilities to sustain life. And yes, there have been billions of people living on planet Earth.  But at no time in history there have been seven billion of you living on Earth at one time.
  • As long as Mother Earth is abused, there will be reactions in terms of natural disasters... in terms of weather patterns that are not normal; in terms of loss of life through flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other ways that Mother Earth has of protecting herself.
  • It is time that humanity realizes that the resources of planet Earth belong to no country, no corporation, no business, no individual. They are common goods.  
  • This requires a major shift in thinking.  For those of you who are ETís - it is most important that you own this principle. All ETís on planet Earth at this time are very advanced souls.  This is important for earth beings to understand.
  • The ETís have been coming to planet Earth for millennia to assist planet Earth in its evolutionary process and see if planet Earth can be different from all those extinct celestial bodies that are floating in the universe, in your solar system, in your galaxies, and in a multitude of other galaxies.
  • The universe is so vast it is beyond the average, or even enlightened earth beingís ability to comprehend how vast, infinite, the universe is.
  • LBs encourage all ETís to step up and come forward and write about the above.

Love and blessings.


Bob Djurdjevic is a writer, shaman, musician and business consultant based in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii.  You can find more of his research and columns at (arts & spirituality),  (geopolitical) and (business) and at his latest web site dedicated to healing the Mother Earth. 

* * *

Apollo-Athens Ley Line Getting Active

HAIKU, Maui, Jan 26, 2012 - A scan of the seismic activities around the globe this morning revealed a 5.2 earthquake shook the Dodecanese Islands near Crete, Greece.  By itself, that would seem nothing particularly unusual.  This is an area of active seismic activities (see the maps).

But if you connect that spot with the two two quakes which were felt in Northern Italy in the last 48 hours, you can see that they lie very close to the Apollo-Athens ley line.  Which goes to show us how Mother Earth's energy flows.  Looks like this whole area is getting active.

Amazing Real-time "Live" Spirit Guidance

This is truly amazing. You are right now about to witness a real-time "live" example of the Spirit realm guidance.  When I got to this point in this story, I went to check something some information about the next update I am writing - about a possible seismic activity around Laacher See in Germany.  As I did that, my eye caught this update about a small earthquake in Donegal, Ireland that took place this morning (Earthquakes strike Ireland and southwest of Santorini volcano in Crete). At just 2.2 magnitude, it was probably not even felt by most people.  Yet, bells rang in my head when I saw that like an alarm.  And here's why..


What if I connected Donegal, Ireland with today's earthquake spot in Dodecanese Islands in Greece?  My intuition had told me this might be actually on the Apollo-Athens ley line.  So I fired up my Google Earth and entered the two sets of coordinates.  Bingo!  It was spot on the line (left map above). 

But then something else happened which felt truly miraculous.  And totally unexpected.  When I followed this new line (marked in red on above maps), and zoomed in to the area of the two northern Italy earthquakes in the last 48 hours, I could not believe my eyes. The three lines - my two personal ley lines, and the Apollo-Athens line of today's earthquakes - intersected at an EXACT SPOT inside the "hot zone" which I had highlighted in red several days ago (see middle chart and Personal Ley Lines above).  It is near the town of Vipiteno (Italian name) or Sterzing (Austrian name).  You can see a close-up of it on the right map. 

And I have actually driven through it. Twice! Once in 1977 and the last time in 2009 with Elizabeth.  We drove from Verona to Bolzano to Innsbruck and on to Zurich all in one day (see Touring the Dolomites, Austria, Lichtenstein... Back in ZurichSep 20, 2009). That's important.  Because I have found out that our spirit guides take us to the places of significance from past or current lifetime. That's how I was able to plot those personal ley lines in the first place.

That's when I realized that the Spirit was actually answering my question from last night about the exact location (see above).  My chest is still heaving with excitement about as I write this. And now you can also see how it all works from this real "live" example.

Okay, having calmed down, let me continue with the story I had started to write...

Laacher Lake Caldera in Germany

A friend of mine, Walter, also a Steward of the Earth from Maastricht, Netherlands, pointed out to me a several stories that suggested a possibility that another sleepy volcano in Europe may be stirring. It's the Laacher See (Lake) caldera near Bonn, Germany.  Here's an excerpt from story about it published by London's Daily Mail on Jan 2:

Is a super-volcano just 390 miles from London about to erupt?

A sleeping super-volcano in Germany is showing worrying signs of waking up. Itís lurking just 390 miles away underneath the tranquil Laacher See Lake near Bonn and is capable of ejecting billions of tons of magma. This monster erupts every 10 to 12,000 years and last went off 12,900 years ago, so it could blow at any time. The Laacher See volcano is similar in size to Mount Pinatubo, which caused a 0.5C drop in global temperatures when it erupted in 1991. It covered 620 square miles of land with ash and rocks and several small earthquakes in the region last year indicate that it could be awakening from its deep sleep. Experts believe that if it did go off, it could lead to widespread devastation, mass evacuations and even short-term global cooling from the resulting ash cloud blocking the Sun. 

And now, here are some photos of the area...

Walter's email prompted me to do some of my own research looking at the possible ley lines that may be related to such a possible hotspot.  And what I found out was that when I extend the line which connects the Giza Pyramid in Egypt with Delphi, the two known geomantic vortexes from ancient times, the line extends right through Laacher See caldera (right map).  So I named this green line a Laacher See ley line. If you stretch it farther northward, you will see that it also hits Amsterdam.  In the southward direction, the Laacher Ley line runs parallel to the Adriatic coast, another seismically active area in Europe.

Death Valley Ubehebe Volcano Could Erupt Again

Closer to home, there is a similar possibility of a volcanic activity in the Death Valley area, on the border between California and Nevada, according to new scientific analysis by a group of geologists.  San Francisco Chronicle and the National Geographic have both carried recent stories about the Ubehebe Volcano.  Here's an excerpt from today's San Francisco Chronicle story:

Ubehebe volcano in Death Valley could erupt again


Once upon a time inside Death Valley, an ancient volcano exploded in a deadly mixture of steam and rock that sent a towering mushroom cloud aloft and left a crater a half-mile wide and nearly 800 feet deep.

That same volcano, named Ubehebe, could explode again at any time, say scientists who have used new techniques to determine just when that first huge blast sent the region shuddering.

Geologists exploring the crater in the past had found a trove of Indian artifacts amid the volcanic rubble. By dating those relics they estimated that the volcano blew its top about 6,000 years ago - which would have meant there would be no more underground water left to fuel the hot volcanic rocks for another explosion.

But now a team of scientists from Columbia University, exploring the crater floor, has gathered small chunks of sandstone and quartzite - sedimentary debris from that ancient explosion. By dating particles of the element beryllium inside those rocks, they determined that the explosion had dug the volcanic crater no more than 1,200 years ago, and probably only about 800 years ago.


And now, here's are some maps and some photos of the area...


If you click here, you can also check out the National Geographic story which also included the photo on the right of the Soufriere Hills volcano eruption.

More Direct Spirit Guidance

PS: As I do every day, I asked the Spirit for guidance using my Mystic Medicine Cards.  Today, I did it after I had finished the above updates.  I drew the card of Goddess of Fire (Pele).  She has been by far the most active spirit guide here in Hawaii during 2011.  And she was evidently letting me know that it was she who was working with me this morning on all these seismic and ley lines revelations.  Thank you, Pele!

Here's was her today's message to me:

Pele's message today, AFTER I had already had those fascinating intuitive discoveries about the ley lines in Europe and the energetic hotspot for my healing work:

"Acknowledge your eternal fire. Go within and find the flame that burns inside. Use it for your creative manifestation. Illuminate the things you are passionate about and bring that passion in all you do.

The flame sheds light onto the Truth. It is up to you to carry that flame forward... Trust your feminine energies of intuition, creativity and imagination. They have a gift of prophecy for you to reveal about your spiritual journey."

Dream Mystery School Lesson on Ley Lines (Feb 1, 2012)

Story of Creation Written in Night Sky

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 1 - Last night, while in Honolulu, I seem to have had a continuous dream about the Earth's ley lines. In the morning, I told Elizabeth that I feel as if I had spent the night at a Mystery School. It is hard to describe what I've learned with words, though I will try eventually. Most of the teachings were in the form of images and sounds. And EMOTIONS they evoked.

The gist of it is a revelation that there are masculine and feminine energies in the Earth's grid, and thus there are masculine and feminine ley lines. In my dream, the masculine were represented by a pale blue-turquoise color, the feminine by a purple-pink color (guess that would be lavender). 

I was shown a map, like Google Earth. When I pressed at a certain point of the map, the ley lines would spread out dynamically from that point. They weren't really lines. They were more like shaded areas that moved and contracted like a living organism, or an amoeba. It was like watching a movie. 

"That's how you activate them," was the Mystery School message. They I was made aware of the fact that there were male and female ones. I was first shown the female ones - the lavender color. Then the male ones - pale blue. In each case, they were more or less aligned with my lifetime ley lines.

I kept waking up from the dream to the bathroom and then continuing it when I got back. I've heard that that's what sometimes happens to other people, but it has never happened to me. At least not that I recall. 

At one point, I activated a ley line here at the Rainbow Shower with my tractor mower (!?). Go figure that one...

When I woke up, I felt great. Then I realized it was also a very LONG sleep (for me) - about 9 hours.

Guess the only way I can hope to do justice in reproducing a multidimensional dream like that is to try to make a video about it, including the right kind of music. 

INTERPRETATION: My repeated requests for guidance about the ley lines were obviously being answered last night. I also realized something else about the Rainbow Shower ley line. Maybe the reason the tractor mower showed up in that part of the dream is to tell me that there was a reason my landscaper left five months ago for California and has not yet returned. By cutting the grass myself, I am actually spending more time connecting with the land physically than I ever have before. Given that this is a 7-acre property, that's about half a day of intensive work every two weeks, IN ADDITION to all other work I do and the time I spend on the land.

 * * *

When we returned home from Honolulu this evening, I asked the Spirit to confirm that I correctly interpreted the above dream, a lesson from the Dreams Mystery School. I drew the card of Reverence.  Here was the Spirit's answer:

In the painting Reverence, the central figure is God, deep in his prayer. The Goddess figure is assisting as his third eye. In union, their powers join and support each other, each in their own way honoring and praying for the Earth and humanity. The represent the balance of the Masculine and the Feminine necessary to create the paradise we seek. In truth, they are One.


Dragon Sign in the Cloud, Shooting Star (Feb 2, 2012), 1:00AM HST

Story of Creation Written in Night Sky

I was doing my usual prayer and incantations tonight around 1AM in the spa.  It was a beautiful clear, starry night with a bright moon settling down in the western sky.  Not a cloud anywhere.  The Orion constellation was in the south, heading west, with Sirius shining brightly dead center in the southern sky.

I had just opened the sacred space and started to thank God for sharing his/her spark with me, when something made me open my eyes and look up.  Out of nowhere, a cloud materialized.  So I knew it was a sign from the Spirit. As it gradually formed into shape across the southern sky, at first I thought it was an eagle or a condor (see Eagle-Condor/East/Air on home page). Then its head and the body elongated and a beautiful long, white dragon-serpent sprawled itself across the sky (see Serpent/South/Fire on home page).  I was in awe and immediately started to thank the Spirit for communicating with me in such creative ways.

Then suddenly there was a quick flash of light in the sky. A bright shooting star streamed over the dragon cloud, traveling from the direction of Sirius toward the west. "Wow," I thought.  "What a show.  A message from home." (My-Altzar's home star is Sirius B, I have been told).

A few minutes later, when I got out of the spa, the cloud was gone. It was again a beautiful, clear, starry night with a bright moon settling down in the western sky.  Message delivered.  And received.

Considering how late it is, I excused myself from the rest of the prayers so I can write this down while it is fresh in my mind.

Epilogue to Dragon Cloud Sign

UPDATE, 2/02/2012: This morning, as I was waking up, I had another hit, another revelation. It was quite a stunning one actually, one of those "aha"-moments.  I recalled that, as I watched it sail slowly from east to west, the cloud gradually morphed from a dragon-serpent to a four-legged animal.

"The jaguar," I thought excitedly.  The Jaguar (Otorongo) represents the element of Water, and lives in the West cardinal direction (see Jaguar/West/Water on home page).
So it went from Fire to Water, just as I did during that phenomenal regression session with Linda Backman on 7/11/11 in Kona (see Shepherd of the Earth , July 18, 2011, User ID/Password required).

This morning, however, I put the whole night sky story together that Spirit was sharing with me.  It was a story of creation; a tale of Gaia-Pachamama's own birth... from the Spirit to dense physical (lava, fire), cooled by air into earth/water. And the shooting star, that was the hand of God, the Creator, who oversaw it all and made it all happen.

"Wow!" I said when it hit me this morning.  See what I meant by "stunning?"

Then I realized that the story also contained the three sacred animals that represent the three worlds in the Inca shamanic shamanic tradition-the eagle-condor (Apuchin-Kuntur), the dragon-serpent (Amaru) and the jaguar-puma (Otorongo).

So I just took a picture of a little sculpture which represents the three worlds. I got four years ago at Agua Caliente when I was in Machu Picchu.  I am sure that all of you, my dear fellow-SOEs, who are also shamans will recognize it instantly (right).

"And now, you know the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey, the legendary late radio host, used to end his broadcasts.

And I also know what the two multidimensional beings meant when they told me three years ago that one of my planetary missions in this lifetime is to receive and tell the story of creation so as to enlighten people about it (see Meeting Grandma Chandra, Feb 2009).
Archangel Michael Shows Up through Mystic Medicine Card, Offering Protection during Transformation (2/02/2012)
Right after I had finished the above Epilogue, I drew my Mystic Medicine card guidance for the day.  It was Protection (see right).  I do believe that this is the first time EVER (!) that I drew this card. I had asked the Spirit for guidance for the day, after thanking the Creator and my guides for that wonderful Story of Creation written in night sky last night-early this morning.

The Protection card depicts an image of Archangel Michael. He is one of my guides who showed up at my astral rebirth on 2/25/2009. He also showed up last night in the story about the Michael & Mary ley line. So the connections are all very fascinating. Here is Michael's message to me this morning:

"Archangel Michael is the Spirit of Fire of Transformation. His sword of light offers energies higher. His shield of Protection averts illusion and deception.

As the New Age is dawning on the Earth, the Infinte One has commanded a reunion of the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms with humanity to fulfill consciously a co-creation of the Divine Plan.... The transformational fire blesses you as healing water flow, blessing from the heavens above.

Archangel Michael is a powerful protector. WHen the card Archangel Michael shows up, rest assure that His energy is surrounding you. Set forth your intention for God;s will and know you are absolutely protected on your mission to fulfill your highest potential."

Epilogue 2: Hummingbird Cloud, Another Shooting Star, Complete Story of Creation Written in Night Sky

UPDATE, 2/04/2012: Last night at 9PM local (HST) time, I was again sitting in the spa, this time looking at the northern night sky. Elizabeth had just gone in to take a shower. I began to open the sacred space when again, something made me look up, and I saw a cloud floating in sky. I knew immediately it was another Divine sign. Unlike the one the night before, however, this one was moving from west to east.  Which is most unusual around here. Our trade winds are normally NE-E to SW-E, like the direction of the first cloud signs on 2/02/2012.  

I watched the cloud try to organize itself into a shape, waiting to find out what the message was going to be.  When I saw a long beak, the penny dropped.  The Hummingbird. Of course, the Hummingbird was the only Inca sacred animal missing in the Story of Creation Written in the Night Sky the night before.  And no wonder it was "missing." The other night I was looking at the southern sky. And Hummingbird lives in the cardinal direction of North.  And it represents the element of Earth (see Hummingbird/Earth/North on home page):

Here's a comment I received about that on Feb 1 from Lincoln, my shamanic brother from London, England:

Another thought which struck me immediately is that the dragon is also another power animal that represents the archetype of Hummingbird and the North of the ancestors. So I have a sense that this is also a message from the ancestors of your land in Hawaii calling you. And I also sense your ancestors, too. The North. as you no doubt are aware, is all about stepping out and drinking deeply of the nectar of knowledge and wisdom of life.

And this is what I said in my reply to Lincoln:

You hit the nail on the head with both comments. Plus, you've educated me about something I did not know... and that is that Dragon also represents the archetype of Hummingbird.  I knew about the latter, and about the Hummingbird living in the North and connecting us to our lineage of the Holy Mountains in Peru. I address it as such every time I open the sacred space.  But I did not know about the Dragon connection.  Thank you for that.  

Hummingbirds have had a strong (and steady) presence in my life as guides, both in Arizona and in Peru. I have even recorded some of them on film. One of them even showed up at my place in Arizona in Jan 2009 after midnight (An Encounter with a Bird Spirit, YouTube, Jan 2009). And both in Peru and Arizona, hummingbirds did it even in daytime. I even caught one in a video (A Divine Hummingbird Encounter, Mar 2009. And I have even received bird Spirit guidance in the form of clouds (right photo).

Sadly, we don't have Hummingbirds here in Hawaii. So Red Cardinals have taken their place. (One of them keeps landing on a big cello outside my office, chirping away until I answer him).  In fact, I can also hear him right now.

Back to the Hummingbird cloud sign, as I watched it slowly sail across the northern sky, passing through the Big Dipper and gently brushing the  Polaris star, I was startled by another shooting star.  This one went almost straight down from the top of the sky and through the Hummingbird cloud.

"Wow!" I exclaimed out loud.  "I suppose that's the Spirit just making sure that I got it that it was a Diving sign, that the cloud was the final chapter of the 'Story of Creation Written in Night Sky'."

And now, here's a complete "Story of Creation Written in Night Sky" in simulated images that I recreated from memory:

The above images are from the Feb 2 celestial show.  And now, here are the ones from last night (Feb 3):


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