My 92nd Music Video

"Music of Rainbows"

Mozart Concerto #21: MUSIC OF RAINBOWS - Musical Tribute to 12-21-12 - a film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic - narrated by the Light Beings whom Earl Backman channels and graced by heavenly double rainbows at the Rainbow Shower in Haiku, Maui.

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 6 - It seems only fitting that I should be inspired to use Mozart's Concerto #21 as my musical tribute to 12-21-12. Not just because of the Concerto's number.  This is the music that guided me to move to Maui and to buy this particular property, now known as the Rainbow Shower. 

I was honored to have the music video narrated by Light Beings whom Earl Backman channels, and graced by heavenly double rainbows at the Rainbow Shower in Haiku, Maui, that the LB's talked about.

Here's a sneak preview for you. I plan to publish this video to wider audiences on or about 12-21-12 from Late Titicaca in Peru, Internet Gods-willing, of course.  So just in case they may be too busy at that time, I am uploading it early. :-)

Mozart Concerto #21: MUSIC OF RAINBOWS - Musical Tribute to 12-21-12


"Music of Rainbows" Rainbow

HAIKU, Dec 9 - A few minutes ago, I posted this "thank you"-note to James, Izildinha, Philippe... some of our Stewards who liked my musical creation for 12-21-12 - "Music of Rainbows," based on Mozart's Concerto #21 (see Mozart Concerto #21: Music of Rainbows - Tribute to 12-21-12):

"The honor was mine. I am only a lucky Steward called to serve by interpreting such beautiful music and the Spirit's messages."


And this is what occurred right after... (I had also posted this Comment below).

"You won't believe what just happened... right after I had written this message to you, I started listening to this recording again. Suddenly a rain shower appeared, the sun came out, and a most beautiful big clear sky rainbow formed in the west. I ran out to take some pictures and made a short video. Will post the story about it shortly. 

I feel this rainbow is a message for ALL of you - Stewards of the Earth - showing you that we are all connected to the Spirit and Celestial realms through our hearts, not just me. Love Bob Altzar Djurdjevic"

And now, here's a photo of that "Music of Rainbows" rainbow.

Stand by for a short video of it which I am right now uploading...

"Music of Rainbows" Rainbow (Dec 9, 2012)


And now, here's a video filmed on Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca in Peru during the last sunset of the Pisces era - 12-20-12 in which Ode de Joy also figures:

Amantani Island: Last Sunset of Pisces Era (12-20-12)


Love Light

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