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July 31, 2011

Updated Sep 26, 2011 - Travel Along Spine of Europe Clearing Continental Chakra - Updated Map; Constantine Creed 2011

Constantine Closure Journey: Trail of Joy to Follow Trail of Tears

A 2,400-mile funeral procession and a victory march



A PERSONAL ESSAY: "Constantine and I, Part IV" - Closure

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Constantine Closure Journey: Trail of Joy to Follow Trail of Tears

A 2,400-mile funeral procession and a victory march - example of how our guides help us creat


Three days have elapsed since that cathartic deletion of the Constantine warrior energy on Tuesday (see "Trail of Tears").  Yet it feels as if it has been three years.  All of you in my extended family have helped co-create this release with your hearts and support.   The Divine rewarded us on Aug 10 with a beautiful double rainbow blessing (see Constantine Deletion Rainbow Blessing).  

I have felt great ever since.  Several of you have told me the same.  So I thought I was done, that we were done.  But my spirit guides thought otherwise.  There is one more thing I am to do, apparently.  The closure.  I am to retrace the major venues in Constantine's life, delete the last remaining morsels of karma at each, and plant the seeds of love and compassion in its place.  It will be a 2,400-mile  funeral procession for the Emperor and a victory march for the Shaman - both at the same time. 

And when it's all over, the Shaman is to attend a joyous reunion with most major protagonists of the 17-century old Greco-Roman drama at a neutral venue in Ireland, jointly rebirthing love and compassion as a foundation of a new beginning for the New Man in all of us.

"So what does that have to do with me?" you may be wondering.  It has everything to do with you.  "No man is an island," remember? (John Donne).  As my fellow-shaman Eve, Elizabeth's split soul, and my wife in many lifetimes, including Queen Mary I of England and Fausta in Constantine's, put it beautifully the other day:

All of us are doing this deletion together. And openly. We may undertake it in different ways, but I am you and you are me and we are all of us. It is not just you that is responsible for the violence of the world, but all of us. It is not just me that is responsible for religious intolerance, but all of us. You are a loving and caring and responsible being, as is Elizabeth, and I am very blessed to have you in this life with me as Eve.

There is one more reason I want to share this story with you.  What happened is a "real world" example of how our guides guide and how the Spirit works through us.  It is almost never a verbal intercourse.  So it may help you recognize them when they show up in your life with their glorious magical signs.

Preamble - Euro Trip: To Be or Not to Be?

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 12, 2011 - Shortly after my amazing July 11 regression session with Linda Backman in Kona (see Shepherd of the Earth, User ID/Password required), I became aware of a workshop that she will be running in Ireland in mid-October. And that Eve Bruce, Elizabeth's split, will also be conducting a shamanic workshop there the following week.  For the last two years, my number one New Year's resolution has been to travel LESS overseas.  But this Irish idea intrigued me.  I have a daughter and four grandchildren in London, plus have sent letters and intentions to General Ratko Mladic and the Prosecutors at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal that I would like to meet with him/them again.  So I thought maybe I'd try to kill several birds with one stone. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to try and see if a trip like this would be feasible and how much it would cost.  I was shocked when Delta quoted me a coach fare of over $12,000 - each!  Ouch.   I knew our dollar was down in the dumps, but I did not realize the airlines' greed has risen so much.  And if we were to upgrade to first class, it would take over 200,000 miles in addition to the fare.  So I just said to Elizabeth, "let's forget about it.  If this trip is meant to be, my guides will need to do better than that."

A week or so later, I got another letter from Earl and Linda Backman offering to do something really sweet and special for me at the Irish workshop (something about deleting Joab and Absalom karma - see Story of Joab & Absalom, July 27).  I was touched.  I replied that I would love to do it and would keep on working on the schedule.  As Elizabeth and I have the most frequent miles with Delta, I tried them again first.  The price had come down a bit, but at about $10,000 each, I still found it to be outrageous.  So I told Elizabeth to wait and see what happens. "I am not the one driving the boat," seems to have become one of my favorite lines these days. :-)

I went on about my other business and never thought of that trip again until the final moments of the Constantine's Trail of Tears piece on Aug 9.  That's when I felt my guides telling me I needed to go to Trier, Pula and Constantinople and plant a pink lotus flower on Constantine's grave there.  I made a mental and emotional note of that. But not fully understanding what that's about I did nothing else.

Well, actually that's not quite true.  I did do something.  But not in the physical world. Every time I did ceremony and communed with my guides, which has been at least twice a day lately and sometimes more often than that, I would ask the Teacher and my other guides to tell the "God of Travel" to help me with this European trip if it is meant to be.

Dream Message: It Is Time to Act Today

I woke up yesterday morning with a very clear message I felt came down from my guides.  It was a single scene from a dream.  This is what I wrote down about in my Journal:


THURSDAY, AUG 11, 2011 - 7:30AM
As I was waking up, I was having a dream about flying on a big jumbo jet which was landing at the LAX.  The captain was fooling around and joking as he made a sharp turn from the ocean to approach the runway. "Oops... I forgot to fasten the seat belt," he joked.  "So you'd better do it, too," he said over the PA system.
INTERPRETATION: Guess that's my sign that today would be the good day to book our trip to Europe, maybe via LAX.  I have been asking the spirits for guidance and help on that in the last couple of days.

I told Elizabeth at breakfast, "today's the day.  And I guess we should go through LA rather than through New York, as we had done on most previous trips.  I am going to call the airlines again and see what happens."

I did.  I won't bore you with all the details.  But let's just say that after having spent almost four hours on the phone with various airlines, I could still do no better than about $6,000 each for just the coach fare.  Hawaii is a long way from Europe, but the airlines have evidently also jacked up their rates while crying poor to the government and public.  Yet I was not discouraged.  I figured something might break.

When I went down to the gulch to do my evening ceremony, I was again blessed by a light mist coming down from a clear sky overhead.  The spirit guides are so beautiful, so loving.  They seem to always bless me that way when I am down there at my shaman's altar (Huaca-Ahu), even if it is a sunny day.  And that's not all. By the time I got back up to the house, another beautiful rainbow welcomed me. This time, I did have my cell phone with me. So I snapped this picture (right - also see Double Rainbow Blessing, below).

After sunset, I got on the phone to the airlines again.  Within minutes, I was able to book a business class fare with Virgin Airlines for about $3,850 each.  It was only after I had done it and was telling Elizabeth about it that it dawned on me.

"Oh, my God," I said.

"What? What's wrong?" Elizabeth asked.

"Nothing's wrong.  I just realized something. Guess what city we are flying in and out of?"

"Kahului?" she offered shyly.

"Of course, Kahului. That's our home port.  I meant what city we are flying to Europe from?"

"Los Angeles?"

"Yes! The best fare was from LA to London, not to Amsterdam, or Frankfurt or Paris which were my first choices! And I had just remembered my dream.  That's why I said, 'oh, my God'."

I felt as if my spirit guides had made all the arrangements and merely left the tickets for me at the Virgin Atlantic ticket counter in LA to pick up. I just had to follow my intuition to find them and retrieve them.

We were still not out of the woods.  It took several more calls over a several hours to book our Maui to LA return trip.  The first fare quotes we received were also outrageously high.  But then on my third call to Delta, magic happened. Suddenly seats opened up and I was able to book that portion of our trip at ZERO cost to us! (meaning using our miles).

Elizabeth and I marveled over dinner last night about how wonderful our guides can be as travel agents. And I also thanked them profusely in my midnight prayers last night.  I then sent the happy message to Linda, Earl and Eve.

Closure Journey: Funeral and Joy

Then just before going to bed, I started to intuit from my guides what this trip was about. They made me draw this map from Google Maps.  But something very interesting happened.  As I was typing the word Istanbul, I made a type and started wtih Izmi... The next thin that happened Izmit, Turkey popped up. At first I was puzzled.  Then I realized what was happening. It was not ME making the typo.  My guides wanted me to go to Izmit. Because that's the modern name for Nicomedia, the city in which I grew up and was forged as a man and warrior.  So they added that last spoke in the bottom right corner of the map...

The cities in red are of special significance. They are the stops where I am to do special ceremonies to release the remnants of my Constantine karma and plant the seeds for New Man of based on love and compassion.  And, of course, I already knew what I was to do in Constantinople. 

But when I woke up this morning, they redrew the map for me and explained the meaning of this journey in more depth and detail.

There was a good reason they wanted me to start in London (rather than somewhere on the Continent).  Because Constantine was named Caesar in York, England (right sculpture).  That's where this deletion and rebirth journey is to begin. 

And they added one more stop just before the end - Nicomedia (Izmit in today's Turkey). Why? Because that's where I started my journey of a young warrior under Emperor Diocletian (see his palace - left drawing).  That's where I met Minervina, my first love who gave me my favorite son, Crispus, and created the karma when I abandoned her to pursue my imperial ambitions. That's where I issued the Nicene Creed.  Which is why I need to go there and do a clearing ceremony first, before planting the pink lotus flower at Constantine's grave in Constantinople (today's Istanbul, Turkey).  That will be the period at the end of the warrior deletion process.

Then they also explained to me the meaning of this trip and its relationship to the Irish workshops. It came in the form of an email I received from Earl Backman this morning about who the other attendees will be.  Let's just say that it will be like reassembling the Constantine court in Kerry County, Ireland, but as newborns.  None of us have any karma there.  So it is a perfect place for a demonstration of forgiveness, unity and rebirth on the basis of love and compassion for all of us in Constantine lifetime.  And as Eve pointed out the other day, for all you, too.  And for all mankind. [tearing up right now... another confirmation].

In short, the upcoming journey will be a funeral procession and victory march at the same time. Out with the old, in with the new. I will bury Constantine the Emperor's karma for Pachamama (Mother Earth) to mulch over at each venue, and will plant the seeds of the Shaman's love and compassion from which the New Man will emerge.  That's why my guides worked such travel magic to make this trip possible.  It will be a trail of joy to follow a trail of tears.

Thank you, Teacher.  Thank you my spirit guides for making it all so clear and for being such wonderful travel agents.  I will do exactly as you are directing me.

Song of Creation, In the Hall of the Mountain King

My spirit guides also did something else last night that was quite wonderful.  I woke up around 4Am after a vague dream in which I was one with nature. Everything around me was green and blooming happiness.  The music that was playing was this song which my guides gave me last weekend:

Song of My Soul [by Altzar, Aug 7, 2011]


As I drifted back to sleep, I got an explanation about the connection between the music and the dream.  What I thought was the Song of my Soul is also the Song of Creation.  "How wonderful," I thought.

When I woke up again around 7AM, the now familiar tune from Edward Grieg's marvelous "Peer Gynt" piece was playing as it was the morning I was to publish the last chapter of my Constantine deletion. This time, I knew exactly what it meant. 

What is this tune? In the Hall of the Mountain King (8 09 11)

It is time for you to prostrate yourself again before God and ask for forgiveness during your closure journey.  And now I have... with this story.

On a separate, but possible related note, I also had a revelation this morning that there may be also alignment between seven days of the week, the seven rays, the seven chakras and the seven musical notes.  The latter is something I had already discerned (see Sounds of Souls: Harmonic Convergence of 3rd, 5th, 7th Ray Souls, July 30). 

Guess that's my next assignment... to research and try to define these "sacred seven" connections.


Constantine Deletion Double Rainbow Blessing

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 10 - After two days of rain and showers, today was a hot and sunny day around here.  When I went down to the gulch to do my evening rounds and the ceremony at my shaman's Huaca-Ahu, the sky overhead was clear before I closed my eyes and got into it.  I first prayed for a successful conclusion of Beth and Tracy's business sale and some other private prayer requests, and then I thanked the spirits again for all they have done to help me on the Constantine Trail of Tears. 

Even before was finished, I felt some light misting on my skin.  I knew instantly what it was... a divine response that my message was being heard.  This happens so often when I do ceremony down there that it is more of a rule than an exception.  

What was different this time around, however, was that when I opened my eyes and looked up, the sky above was still blue and clear.  Yet there was unmistakable misting everywhere.  I did not have my camera with me to record it like the last time this happened (see "Talking Story" with Spirits, July 28).  So I just smiled and thanked the Creator and my spirit guides for acknowledging my prayers.

When I lowered my eyes and looked toward the east, I saw a beautiful rainbow.  Then I realized that this was more than just the "usual" non-verbal sign from the spirits.  Because the sky overhead was STILL CLEAR!  It was a Divine acknowledging what I did yesterday and today with the Constantine clearing and giving me their "rainbow up" sign of approval. I thanked them all profusely and sincerely.  When I continued my walk, the rainbow was still there.  I regretted not having my camera with me.  

"Maybe it's better that way," I reasoned.  "Maybe they wanted this rainbow to remain 'just between us'.  Or maybe they'll keep it up till I get back up to the house?"  I sent them an intention to that effect. 

As I climbed the hill on the opposite side of the gulch, the rainbow kept getting bigger and bigger. Eventually it reached such a gigantic proportion both in terms of its height and the width that had I had the camera, I would have needed multiple frames to fit it in.  I have seen many rainbows around here, but never one as large as that.  So I just stood there in awe, feeling and admiring the beauty of Divine communications.  All the while, the sky overhead was still clear, yet the misting was getting more intense.

When I eventually made it back up the hill to the house, at least 20 minutes must have elapsed since my first glimpse of the rainbow.  I smiled and said to the sky, "so you did keep it for me.  Thank you. Gues you do want me to take a picture and share it?"

I went to the house and got the camera.  As I walked out, they cleared the clouds in the west and the sunlight became more intense, giving the rainbow a brighter glow.  I snapped four pictures and combined two of each into these panorama shots of the "Constantine deletion rainbow."

Then I realized why they kept the rainbow up so long till I took a picture of it.  They wanted me to share it with you.  It is YOUR RAINBOW, too.  All of you have been as much a part of that deletion as I, with your own deletion work, and so many supportive messages. 

So here it is... YOUR GIFT FROM THE HEAVENS!  Enjoy...


HAIKU, Maui, Aug 10 - When I woke up, I was given this epitaph for my grave marker:


Cute, huh? :-) Power of shamanic shapeshifting.  Interesting, just now... this image from my war correspondent years flashed before me (right).

Travel along Spine of Europe: From Cranium to Sacrum, Clearing Crown-to-Root chakras of warrior energies

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 25 - I was writing this morning to a friend in Maastricht, The Netherlands, to arrange a meeting with him and his wife in Trier, Germany, during my upcoming Constantine Trail of Closure, Joy in October.  I was suddenly overcome with strong emotions, including tears, looking at this Porta Nigra (Black Gate) photo my friend had sent me from his last visit to Trier in 2009 (right).  On the left, he also sent me a model of what the Porta Nigra looked like in Roman times.

And then, as I was contemplating the meaning of it all, it hit me.  I suddenly saw a picture of Europe as a human body with the head in Great Britain and the Sacrum in Constantinople-Izmit.  Our planned route of our 3,100-mile journey looked like an X-ray of a spine of the Old Continent (left). 

"So that's what this is REALLY about," I whispered to myself.  "It's not just about me and Constantine.  It's about clearing the European chakras of the warrior-type energy."

I shuddered at the magnitude of the idea.  "Oh, my God," I whispered out loud when I realized how awesome a responsibility this was. At the same time, I felt so humbled to have been chosen for this task.  "Well, you're cleaning up your own mess," my Higher Self seemed to cut me down to size.

For, this is exactly the route that Constantine's life followed 17 centuries ago.  Not on a straight line, of course.  But our planned trip connects all of the key points in Constantine's lifetime as marked on the map I sent to my friend in The Netherlands (right).

The warrior energies Constantine seeded in these key chakras of the European continent have been the cause of many wars.  Successive monarchs and conquerors tried to emulate the Roman Emperor, in quest for what they thought was the pinnacle of power.  And now, I realize, my guides want me to dismantle it, to take Constantine down from the pedestal, like that image of Saddam Hussein's enormous monument being pulled down.  And I am to do it at each of the seven chakras.

So I wrote to my friend in Maastricht:

"I can see that this will be a hard visit... and a difficult trip, too.  When I look at the map I sent you, I see us traveling along the Spine of Europe, clearing the Constantine (warrior) energies from the Cranium to the Sacrum of Europe, and from the Crown to the Root chakras."

After that, new revelations kept flooding in.  My guides made me realize exactly which chakra-soul ray-music note-color was to be cleared at each of the seven key points of the 3,700-mile journey from York, England, to Izmit (Nicomedia) Turkey (you can see them also on the map below):

  • YORK - 6th ray, Crown chakra, Note G (E-minor key), wear gold-purple color

  • LONDON - 5th ray, Third-eye chakra, Note A (F-major key), wear indigo color

  • TRIER - 1st ray, Throat chakra, Note B (G-major key), wear blue color

  • PULA - 3rd ray, Heart chakra, Note F (D-minor key), wear green color

  • SIRMIUM (Sremska Mitrovica) - 2nd ray, Solar plexus chakra, Note C (A-minor key), wear yellow color

    • DELPHI (Greece) - Special Heart Chakra ceremony

  • CONSTANTINOPLE (ISTANBUL) - 7th ray, Sacral chakra, Note D (B-minor key), wear orange color

  • NICOMEDIA (IZMIT) - 4th ray, Root chakra, Note E (C-major), wear red color

And they even told me how to perform each ceremony.  Since I cannot very well bring my piano or the Tibetan bowls on this trip, I am also told to learn to play the seven basic notes and the corresponding chords on my Peruvian flute, which I am to use at each ceremony.  I am also to sing these notes.  In both cases, it is my breath that will carry the message to the Creator and helped clear the particular chakra.  And I am to wear the shirts that correspond to each of the seven chakra-ray colors while doing it.

Guess I'd better start practicing my flute right away.  I only have a month in which to learn to play it.  I can also now see why my guides wanted me to do all that research about the seven rays, and the seven chakras, and the seven musical notes, etc. (left chart).  The upcoming trip will be an example of how they can be applied in real life.

I can also now see that it will take all of my shamanic knowledge and power to carry out this mission and my guides' wishes.  I am praying that they will be there to help me, too.  I know that many of my friends and extended family's prayers will also be with me in October. I am deeply grateful for the expressions of support I have already received.  I hope they will give me the strength and the wisdom to do the right thing for the benefit of all.

PS, Sep 25: I discovered last week that I had a parallel lifetime in Delphi as a Greek priest at the same time as I was Constantine, the Roman Emperor.  My name in Delphi was Theodosius.  It is still carved in the walls of the temple at the ancient market place (this Theodosius was a different person from the Byzantine emperor of the same name who destroyed the Delphi temple in 390AD).  So we've made a last-minute change to our itinerary to include a visit to Delphi for a special Anahata (heart chakra( ceremony there at the Theodosius plaque.

Constantine Creed 2011

(to be recited at each chakra stop)

I stand here today in _(York)_ , at the _(crown)_ continental chakra of Europe. I came to offer my apologies to mankind and to my Higher Self for my actions as the Roman Emperor Constantine.  

I also stand here as an Inca shaman
[raise the Mesa]. I came to heal old wounds and to erase warrior energies from this continent which has seen so much bloodshed.

As Constantine, I received incredible gifts from the Divine. When God showed me the Christogram (XP) and told me “in my name you shall conquer,” I should have understood that “conquer” meant defeat tyranny and free and empower all.  Instead, I used the cross as a sword for self-glorifying purposes.

I am sorry, my Lord.  I should have known that man's power comes from God, not man.

Theodosius knew that, the Delphi Greek priest, Constantine’s soul split.  Hatun-Watana knew that, the Inca shaman who saved his people and their culture from extinction.  Franz Liszt knew that, who wrote the music that glorifies the Gypsy free spirit.  All of them were also aspects of my Higher Self.  

Sadly, so were Constantine, King Phillip of Spain, Pope Julius II, Judah Maccabee, Joab... All were warriors with huge egos.  Oh, they loved beauty, too.  And they meant well. They created and sponsored wonderful works of art, even built whole new cities.  Like Constantinople. But they lacked compassion. And they lacked humility.

I brought them all with me here, the shaman and the emperor, the good and the bad, the humble and the mighty. They are all aspects of the same eternal soul, the soul of ALTZAR.  And I lay them down before you, dear God, asking forgiveness. I now understand that people need enlightenment and encouragement to grow from within, not my protection.  Which is where the arts and music come in.  

So I will now play the Song of My Soul on this simple Peruvian flute.  It is meant to empower all the souls I had once conquered, heal all wounds I've made.  May this music also encourage others to “walk in integrity, humility and elegance,” as Apu Huaskaran
(my Andean spirit guide) once counseled us:


With this song, created with my breath, and with the sound of this shaman bell [ring the bell], I hereby ask God and my spirit guides to clear any and all remaining warrior energies from this chakra of the European continent.

[pause & bow, then blow out and away the warrior energy]

Thank you. Gratia. Mahalo. Sulpaiki. Efharisto. Gracias. Merci. Danke. Arigato. Spasiba. Hvala. Xie xie. Grazie. Toda. Shukran.


Love  Light

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