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Aug 23, 2011

Oct 25, 2011 - New revelations well up at Albert Hall, Memorial in London

Albert & Victoria Reunited

Intricate guidance signs lead to several stunning intuitions



New revelations well up at Royal Albert Hall, Albert Memorial in London

Albert & Victoria Reunited

Intricate guidance signs lead to several stunning intuitive revelations

What you are about to read is another one of those, "oh, my God, I can't believe what's happening"-kind of stories. The revelation was as stunning to me when it occurred yesterday (Oct 22) as I suspect it might be to you, too. Yet just as with my first Constantine intuition in late June, I feel it "to my bones" that this one is also true.  That's partly because of the geomancy - of where it happened (as I was standing between the Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial in London yesterday morning).   That was the "big bang."  It's also partly because of other intuitions that followed. The rest of the story was like weaving a tapestry with the help from my spirit guides who provided some intricate signs to follow.

LONDON, England, Oct 22, 2011 - I woke up Saturday morning at 4:30AM and could not go back to asleep.  That's very unusual for me.  I figured it was one or more of my spirit guides tugging my chain.  But why?  I had not idea what it was about.  I thought we were done now with our big Constantine-European chakra clearing pilgrimage.   

I gave up on sleep around 6AM and went to Starbucks and to a local French pastry shop to get breakfast for Elizabeth and I and for my daughter's family.  When I "served it" to them a little after 7AM, ringing the bell and saying "Starbucks delivery," everybody was stunned and delighted at the same time.  The kids screamed for joy.  "They will never forget it," Elizabeth prophesied when I served a "breakfast in bed" to her at our hotel room.

After Elizabeth and I got cleaned up and dressed, I suggested a walk in the park.  Hyde Park, that is.  We had no particular plan or direction in mind.  Yet we ended up entering the park between the Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial.  This is where we took these pictures...

"Wonder why I am so drawn to this place?" I said out loud as we walked around the Memorial.  "Do you know that every time I have come to London in the last 35 years I ended up here for one reason or another?" 

"Must do some research on Albert when we get back," I muttered more to myself than to Elizabeth.

The next thing that happened was that we found ourselves walking toward the Kensington Palace.  For no special  reason.  Again, we had no plan, no conscious intention to do anything in particular this morning. Yet we ended up at the residence of the British monarchs up until the end of the 18th century, when the Buckingham Palace was built. It was a beautiful morning, so we took a lot of pictures of birds and trees around the Round Pond.

By the time we strolled all around, we thought we'd stop and use the restrooms outside the palace.  I reached for the door knob of the men's room and yanked it.  It was locked.  As if by magic, a woman appeared out of nowhere at that very moment with a key.  She unlock the outdoor restrooms for us.  Then just as we got out, the doors opened to the Kensington Palace special new exhibit on Seven Princesses.  It was 10AM.  We were welcomed and ushered in by a jovial man.  We were the first visitors to enter.

"Shall we go in and see what all the shouting about the new exhibit is about?" I asked Elizabeth.

"Sure," she nodded.

"Are you a Londoner?" I asked the man as we were buying our tickets. 

"Yes, Sir, I am," he replied.

"Then can you tell me why they call your fair city the Old Blighty?"

A puzzled frown curled up on the man's forehead.

"You've heard that term, haven't you? The Blighty."

"Yes, Sir, I have. But I have to admit you have me stumped.  I have no idea why."

Later, I found out from another gallery guides that that was probably due to all the pests and diseases, like black plague or small pox, that used to originate from the big city where most of the people lived.

As it turns out the new exhibit was quite interesting.  Elizabeth got really into it, writing down all sorts of personal details about the seven princesses.  We also heard a fascinating story from one of the guides how Victoria became the queen by a quick of fate and after some long odds, when Princess Charlotte, the heir to the throne, died at a young age in childbirth. Victoria ended up being the longest reigning British monarch in history - almost 64 years (right shot).

Above are some pictures we took during the visit to the Kensington Palace.  In the left frame, you can see Elizabeth sitting on the throne, looking rather regal. In the middle, yours truly is using an old typewriter in the grand hall.  In the right, Elizabeth is dancing in the adjacent hall, where gracious people danced the nights away in the centuries past.  Before we left, I took pictures of the seven princesses, STARTING with the above shot of Victoria (who was not the first in order in the exhibit room).

On our way back, we stopped at the Royal Albert Hall to pick up our tickets for tonight's concert (Carmina Burana). When we returned to our hotel, I started to do my research on Albert.  And then on Victoria.  Revelations kept exploding like an oil gusher.  By late afternoon, all pieces of the Albert and Victoria puzzle were fitting perfectly. They are reunited again in this lifetime. 

So I wrote the following notes in my personal diary.


An Excerpt from My Journal: Albert & Victoria Reunited (Oct 22)

While standing between the Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial this morning, I had a revelation that I may have been Albert.  We continued walking through Hyde Park toward the Round Pond and Kensington Palace. We arrived there at two minutes before 10.  The new exhibit about the seven princesses opened at 10.

I looked at Elizabeth.  "I had no plans to come here today.  Yet you see what's happening?  We are definitely being guided to this place.  Wonder why? Let's take a tour."

We did.  And it was quite interesting.  One of the seven princesses to which the exhibit was dedicated was Victoria.  We learned about a quirk of fate by which she became queen, when Princess Charlotte, the heir to the throne. died in childbirth, along with her baby.  Victoria then continued to rule for almost 64 years - the longest reign of any British monarch.

Upon further research back in our hotel room, it appears quite likely that I was indeed Albert, both because of physical resemblance [Albert looks like a blend of myself, my father and Paul the Venetian), and due to his interest in arts and sciences, especially music (her was the founder of the Royal College of Music among many arts and many British educational institutions that survive to this day).  

Albert - Phillip - Bob - Albert (1st row)

Paul the Venetian - Jovan - Jovan (my father - 2nd row)

But the first intuition about another probable royal lifetime in the early 19th century actually came to me a few days ago while I was still in Inch, Ireland. I realized on Monday Oct 17 that my soul has a tendency of parallel incarnations, often working the opposites aspects of a soul, such as king-artist, emperor/warrior-monk, king-shaman, athlete-writer, etc..  And since I had already intuited back in August that I was Liszt in that time frame (right, also see  Gypsies, Liszt and I (July 24)), I started to wonder what other political or royal office I may have held.  Because of my attraction to the Royal Albert Hall and the statue over the decades of coming to London, the penny finally dropped this morning.

Also, as Albert, the Prince Consort, not the king, I would be reversing the karma of treating women as inferior which I created in my King Phillip lifetime, when I was married briefly to Queen Mary I of England. As Albert, I had to play second fiddle to a powerful queen - Victoria.  At the same time, I was stepping deeper into my dharma because of my love of music and the arts, as well as of technology.  It was a lifetime of SERVICE - to my beloved and to mankind, not a rule over others.  Albert was no warrior.  He was a lover or arts and sciences.  So by creating all these new educational institutions, I was enriching not just the British culture, but also mankind's overall. For, the Queen Victoria's reign was probably the pinnacle of the British Empire.

Then another intuition hit me like a bombshell.  What if Elizabeth (and her split Eve) was Victoria?  After all, she was Queen Mary I.  That we know for a fact.  And Fausta, my second wife as Constantine. And since we tend to incarnate together in lifetime over lifetime...

Oh my God, I have just had another intuitive hit... [4:30PM - that Betty's younger sister Mary (nee Hunt) may be the current reincarnation of Queen Victoria, my wife in that lifetime as Albert. [Betty was my late first wife, also my first wife Minervina in my Constantine lifetime].  And that she (Mary Hunt) may also be the split of Elizabeth in the current lifetime.  And, therefore, of Eve, too.  Which means that all three - Mary, Elizabeth and Eve - may be aspects of the same soul as Queen Victoria, my wife as Albert. 

Victoria - Mary - Victoria (1st row) [Mary's additional photos age 24 added 10/25/11 - right].

Elizabeth - Fausta - Eve (2nd row)

"How tall was Victoria?" I wondered next.  Then I looked up her height.  Victoria was tiny, like Elizabeth. Only 5 ft tall (Elizabeth is 5' 1").  And Mary Hunt is no taller, speaking from memory.  Maybe 5' 1" at the most.

I also just remembered I had a "weekend fling" with Mary (Hunt) while still married to my second wife, the mother of my children.  In fact, I had told my wife months beforehand that I wanted to leave her and that I was going to do get together with Mary.  This was in early 1988.  I even told my older daughter  about it.  She was 12 at the time.  In the end, I decided against it for the sake of the kids.  Guess you could say that I had put their happiness ahead of mine, at least for a while, until they grew up. So I told Mary that weekend I would stay with my wife.  Mary was devastated, of course.  But she got over it and got married again.  To an Englishman! 

Interesting, huh?  Now I understand why I was awakened by the spirits at 4:30AM this morning and could not go back to sleep till 6AM, when I finally got up.

After I wrote all this, I drew for today's guidance the mystic medicine card Truth.  Here was its message I took down:

"Your personal Truth is as it resonates within your heart.  Allow compassion and unconditional love to enter as you bring awareness into it. Let your innate Truth kindheartedly rule supreme in all you say and do."

And now I know why.  Thank you, Spirits!

So there you have it.  Albert and Victoria are reunited again.  And they went together last night to a wonderful concert at Albert Hall, which Victoria lovingly built, along with the Memorial, for her beloved husband who passed away at the age of 42.  They had nine children together. She never remarried.

And this evening (Oct 23), Elizabeth and I also went to an organ recital at Westminster Abbey, where all of British monarchs were crowned.  The music was marvelous and the acoustics fabulous.  Here are some photos from that visit...


As you can see, our epic European pilgrimage got an unexpected twist at the end. Fortunately, it was a happy ending, reliving an immortal love story in which nobody conquered or enslaved anyone.  Two people fell in love and shared their hearts and lives together for as long as they lived.  Nothing unusual about that?  Perhaps not.  Except that the woman was an empress and the man a former emperor who was learning to be humble and gracious.  And put his beloved woman ahead of himself.

This concludes our trip to Europe.  We fly back home tomorrow via Los Angeles. 


PS: HAIKU, Maui, Dec 16 - Ahtun Re confirmed today ALL of my above intuitions, including the three splits of my wives.

THE END (for now...).


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